How To Travel In Style

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Traveling can be hectic, that doesn’t mean your outfit needs to be. We understand the struggles of waking up early, rushing to the airport with your luggage, and waiting hours for your flight to take off. We went through this process way too often on our trip throughout Europe. However, with the right style essentials, traveling isn’t all that bad.

Don’t worry, ladies, we’re here to help! Here are ten of our must-have items when traveling:

  1. Have cute luggage

    • Away Luggage is both durable and rollable, making constant travel easy. Our black and savvy blue luggage was THE perfect accessory for every travel destination.

  2. Sneakers

    • You can’t go wrong with a nice pair of white kicks, they go with EVERYTHING! Plus, not only will you be stylish, you’ll be comfortable. I lived in my white Reeboks.

  3. Basic items that can be worn in different ways

    • Having versatile clothing is great for packing light, especially when you know you’ll be traveling for multiple days. This can be anything from your favorite pair of leggings to a simple white t-shirt. My favorite was a simple black bodycon dress. I dressed it down with sneakers on the ferry and dressed it up with heels for dinner after.

  4. Stylish sleep essentials

    • Airports, trains and buses can all be very loud and bright so make sure you have some earplugs and a great sleep mask. We love our Sunday Forever super fluffy cotton sleep mask.

  5. Always carry a portable charger

    • You never know if there’s going to be an outlet nearby, it’s always better to be prepared. Urban Outfitters has stylish AND affordable chargers. Plus, these make great additions to any flat lay pictures you may take.

  6. Mini Deodorant on Deck

    • Traveling can be very physical, especially when you're lugging 50 lbs up and down the stairs. There’s no need to let a little sweat get in your way, just pack a mini deodorant to freshen up throughout your travels.

  7. Wireless Headphones

    • Don’t get caught up in wire mayhem! Make your life simple and grab yourself a nice pair of wireless headphones to keep you tangle free.   

  8. Oversized Sweatshirt

    • It may be hot out, but airplanes are freezing!! We used our Sunday Forever sweatshirts on every plane ride. It added the cozy factor, while still keeping us stylish.

  9. Sunglasses

    • Block out all the haters, oh, and the sun of course. Serve some looks with a pair of oversized black sunnies. You can find some great deals at Nordstrom Rack.   

  10. Personalized Passport Case

    • Whether it be for the cute Instagram post or for the compliments at the airport, passport cases are a great way to spice up your style. If you’re traveling on a budget, I’d head over to Marshalls or TJ Maxx, but if you feel like balling out, I’d head over Kate Spade or asos.

Travel shouldn’t be stressful and neither should your style. If you have these ten simple items during travel, we guarantee your travels will be improved.  Safe travels, ladies! There’s no need to be over the top and uncomfortable, but with a few simple items, you’ll be the best travel fashionista yet! So, grab your favorite pair of leggings, some cute white sneakers, your passport, and get traveling!


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