5 Finals Week Tips From the Universe

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The week that turns students into zombies, textbooks into lifesavers, and coffee into fuel: Finals Week. The two words every college student dreads hearing. At this point in the year, winter break is so close you can almost taste the candy canes and cookies, but you are stuck in this stressful reality worrying about your 5 finals within the next week. What do you do? How do you handle your stress?

Gabrielle Bernstein, the author of The Universe Has Your Back, has some helpful tips to get you through finals week in one piece. Based on the results of your quiz, find the corresponding tip and read more about how you can handle your stress:



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Tip #1: Download a Meditation App

If you are overwhelmed with work and tests, alone time is very important for your mental health. Gabby always says, “Your energy is your greatest source of power.” You should always take a few moments each day to recharge and unwind; never run on an empty tank. If you are in a time crunch, meditation apps can be your best friend.

My favorite apps right now are Headspace and Calm. These apps have different meditation routines for coping with different situations like stress, anxiety, as well as depression. You can also meditate to build happiness, confidence, and focus skills to ace those finals!

Don’t worry, you can set a timer for the amount of time that you have to meditate: 5-minute study break sessions, or a relaxing 20 minute before bed routine. Either way, will have you feeling refreshed and recharged!

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Tip #2: Ask For A Sign

Sometimes, it’s just not worth worrying. Most of the time the consequence is not that bad and it may be better if you just hand the situation over to the Universe.

If you are unsure about a decision or want to know if you are on the right path, Ask for a sign! Asking for a sign means that you are willing to collaborate with the Universe. This is the fun part!

The sign can be anything: an animal, person, object, color, number, Starbucks order, the first thing that pops into your head. Leave it up to the Universe and be patient. Your sign will be a billboard: crystal clear if you are going in the right direction.

If you don’t receive your sign right away, consider that your impatience may be blocking it. Your sign will come when you least expect it, so don’t force it. Be willing to be receptive!

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Tip #3: Meditate

Time is something that we can never have too much of. A busy day leaves us feeling tired, overworked, and frustrated. It is important to take time out of your day to focus on yourself.

Meditation is the perfect way to find your inner peace and balance, with proven benefits of focus abilities and happiness levels. One of Gabby Bernstein’s favorite meditation techniques is called the Kundalini Meditation. This technique is known for its ability to channel your stress into calmness and help you chill out before you freak out. Be sure to try out the meditation before you freak out on finals.

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Tip #4: Surrender Your Goals

Let go! Loosen your grip on your drive through life. Everything does not need to be meticulously planned out and scheduled. Rather than over detailed plans, have goals for where you picture yourself in the future. Goals are there to guide you, not control you. When you release your control and let the Universe take the wheel, you will find that with the right mindset, you will automatically drive towards your goals without knowing it.

Everyone has that built in auto-pilot, and many choose to ignore it instead of taking advantage of it. Too often, people live life milestone to milestone instead of the moment to moment. Remove that pressure and surrender to your goals. During Finals Week, don’t sweat the small stuff. No, I am not telling you not to study, but do not worry about cramming anything more than you need. Take study breaks, and whatever you know you will know. No need to add worrying about your final grade to the mix. Focus on being present in the moment and ace that final!

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Tip #5: See Through Love

Do you get home and complain every day about how much you hate your job, a class, a professor, or your roommate? Be conscious of how often negative words come out of your mouth, and how they make you or others feel.

If you genuinely want to see a change in your judgment, you need to be willing to see situations in a different light. Be willing to exchange toxic thoughts for love. Try to see the good in every situation.

Yes, I know more than the next college student how horrible finals can be, but tell yourself that a week from now you will be worry-free. Nothing is permanent; finals will be over soon!

Before you know it you will be home on winter break, eating homemade meals and pulling a Mariah Carey, “Finals who? I don’t know her.”  


We all handle stress differently, hopefully, these tips help you get through finals! Always remember that the Universe has your back.

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