Savvy Sisters Media, Inc. Celebrates Their One Year In Business

Wow, has it really been a year already?

Time really does fly, when you're having fun!

From the very beginning, Jamie says, “I knew Savvy had potential to grow. I just didn’t realize how fast it would all happen. When you work hard and genuinely love what you do, time really does fly by!”

This past year has been full of amazing memories with our Savvy Sisters, so naturally we decided to celebrate with the distinguished 1st birthday party! Not only was this a celebration for the Savvy Sisters’ persistence, motivation and many accomplishments throughout the year, but it was also a time to get crafty in the kitchen!

The Savvy Anniversary party took place at the Levy’s family beach house in Southold, New York. Close friends and family were invited to take part in this great milestone, while soaking up some sun on the Savvy-theme-decorated deck. Unlike the serene venue, the hors d’oeuvres were very extravagant. Jamie and Tara decided to get particularly festive by adding teal, Savvy’s signature color, to the champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and pretzels. The ladies also had some of their delicious brunch favorites: fluffy bacon pancakes, french toast and omelets, to add to their teal creations.

As the “sisters” relaxed outside, commemorating the launch of their very own company, they thought back on the past year and all that they’ve achieved. Some of the major highlights of the year include:

Throughout this amazing journey, there have been many indispensable people who believed in us. And, without them, we would not be here, sipping on teal champagne, today. The Savvy Sisters are independent and empowered young women with growth mindsets meaning that they are always open to outside ideas and influence when it comes to improving the overall quality of their business. Along with many others, their #savvy dads did an exceptional job at keeping the two women grounded and supplying them with unlimited business advice. As they expressed their thanks to the family and friends surrounding them, they began to look forward.

When the Savvy Sisters take a glimpse into the future, they see endless potential! A major priority for this next year is adding new #bossbabe (or #bossdude) members to the Savvy Squad. We are looking to grow our team with like-minded and ambitious individuals who have high expectations. Because once we have a strong foundation built, there’s no stopping us! This is only the beginning for Savvy, and you most definitely will be hearing from us again!



Your Savvy Sister,